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On the Air – SOTA, POTA, BOTA, YOTA, and JOTA

Once you get into Amateur radio and start looking around, you will come across the terms SOTA (Summits On The Air),
POTA (Parks On The Air), JOTA (Jamobree on the Air), YOTA (Youth on the Air),  and to a slightly lesser degree, BOTA (Beaches on the Air).

Summits on the Air  is an amateur radio activity for amateurs that encourages portable operation in mountain areas.

Parks on the Air is an event where amateur radio operatiors promote emergency awareness and communications from national and state parks.

Beaches on the Air is an amateur event for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation from beaches.

Youth on the Air is an amateur radio event for and by young amateur radio operators in the Americas.

Jamboree on the Air  provides the opportunity for millions of Scouts around the world to meet on the air via Amateur Radio.

Participants in On the Air events collect points for contacts (QSO's) and earn awards based on their scores.

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CCARS Parks on the Air (POTA), 2020

December 2021.  
Pete and Sterling's years of service as Club President and Vice President

CCARS Jamboree (JOTA) on the Air, 2015

Gary, Brian, Keith, and Anthony representing CCARS at the Carteret County Hurricane Preparedness Expo