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The Carteret County Amateur Radio Society provides emergency communications to support the Carteret County Emergency Operations Center when hurricanes landfall our coast.  Hurricanes often take down the power grid, cell phone service, and even Internet service in Carteret County.  Amateur radio volunteers from 
Carteret County Amateur Radio Society man volunteer stations at the Morehead City 9-1-1 center, the evacuations shelters in Carteret County, Town Halls in Carteret County, Fire Departments in Carteret County, and volunteer in several other stations around the county.  Our volunteers are able to pass welfare messages to family and friends in other areas via the National Traffic System, assist overwhelmed 9-1-1 operators, assist in vital communications such as Fire/EMS, and provide vital information from the area to the planners at the Emergency Operations Center.   This "instant information" from Ham radio operators in the field assists emergency planners to be able to get relief supplies such as food, fuel, water, and medical supplies to residents of the county, and aids law enforcement and rescue to plan response routes around areas where roads may be blocked or washed out in order to get to the emergency faster.

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Carteret County Amateur Radio Society at the June Hurricane Drill
Members of the Carteret County Amateur Radio Society attended the hurricane practice drill at Newport Middle School on June 29th.  During this "refresher" practice drill, approximately 50 volunteers from the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Carteret County Animal Shelter, and other volunteer agencies across the county practice setting up the evacuation shelter at the school in preparation for the 2022 hurricane season.  Topics included preparing the schools cafeteria to feed hundreds of displaced residents, checking in and registering residents, preparing the nurses station, setting up cots in sleeping areas, health and welfare discussion, and checking and ensuring the Ham radio station located at the school was operational.  In the event of a hurricane, Carteret County Amateur Radio Society ham radio volunteers will be in direct contact with planners at the Carteret County Emergency Operations Center in Morehead City and are able to furnish County Emergency planners with vital information such as shelter capacity, medical needs, request food, supplies, and equipment, and are able to communicate with law enforcement if needed.  Local Ham Radio Operators  are one of the vital  lifelines of North Carolina evacuation shelters when area communications are down.

NEWPORT MIDDLE SCHOOL is designated as an evacuation shelter for the residents of Carteret County and is an PET FRIENDLY evacuation shelter.  Area residents who feel they may need to use the shelter during a disaster are encouraged to pre-register their pets with Carteret County.  Residents with special medical needs are also encouraged to pre-register with the county.  Pre-registering speeds up the process in what will likely be a very busy time for volunteers at the evacuation shelter.  You can help streamline the process by downloading the PET REGISTRATION form or the MEDICALLY FRAGILE NEEDS form here, completing it, and mailing it to Carteret County at the address provided on the form.

Carteret County Amateur Radio Society at the Newport Flea Mall
Meeting new Hams and promoting CCARS at the Newport Flea Mall.  Solar powered go box, morse key, HT, Yaesu HF, on display.